Plastics & Rubber


In its range of additives for high performance Milano Colori offers the additives line of CHITEC Plastic

REVONOX 501    
It is the best supplementary antioxidant for traditional primary hindered phenolic antioxidants (such as 1010). A little dosage of Revonox® 501 can render synergy and upgrade the efficiency of the overall antioxidant package to an unprecedented level. With the addition of Revonox® 501, users can now explore new usages that 1010 previously couldn’t be applied. Revonox® 501 is abroad-spectrum antioxidant that is almost applicable to all kinds of plastics. It stabilizes the Melt Flow Index (MFI) and significantly reduces yellowing. Revonox® 501 received patents in Japan, Taiwan, South Korea, Europe and China. Additionally, it is TSCA and REACH registered, and has FDA clearance on food contact applications.
REVONOX 420V    
A phenol-free hydroxylamine primary antioxidant possessing anti-Nox functions. Including Revonox® 420V in the AO package can effectively mitigate gas-fading reactions of phenolic antioxidants. Simply speaking, Revonox® 420V is the best primary antioxidant in terms of color protection of polyolefins. Most importantly, the commercially available hydroxylamine antioxidants are derived from animal origin (tallow oil), while Revonox® 420V is a proprietary green antioxidant derived from palm oil certified by Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO). It immediately eases the customer’s concerns with substances from animal sources and complies with Chitec’s core vision dedicating to green environment protection.
REVONOX 608    
Spiro phosphates are known for their high antioxidization efficiency. In addition, they are the only phosphite antioxidants that can reverse the oxidized form of the hindered phenolic antioxidants, which can easily cause resin to discolor. However, traditional spiro phosphate antioxidants typically suffer from low hydrolytic stability. Once moistened, they will hydrolyze in a short time and release phosphoric acid resulting in corrosion of manufacturing equipment. Revonox® 608, however, is the excellent solution to overcome this weakness. The special structure of Revonox® 608 not only maintains its high antioxidization efficiency but also possesses high resistance to hydrolysis and extremely high thermal stability at the same time. In fact, Revonox® 608 is theideal phosphite antioxidant best suitable for engineering plastics manufactured over 280°C, such as polyesters, polyamides, polycarbonates etc.
HPAO (Hindered phenolic anti-oxidants)    
Deox 10 6683-19-8 General applications
Deox 76 2082-79-3 General applications
Deox 112 119-47-1 Rubber
Deox 115 33145-10-7 specialty
Deox 1330 1709-70-2 PP,PE
Deox 1790 40601-76-1 Spondex,PU
Deox 3114 27676-62-6 PP,PE
Deox BS-1000 144429-84-5 coatings
HPAO – Metal Deactivators    
Deox MD-1012 36411-52-6 PP,PE
Deox MD-1060 70331-94-1 PP,PE, SBR, PS
Deox MD-1024 32687-78-8 PP/PE
Deox MD-1072 69851-61-2 Engineering plastics
Deox MD-1098 23128-74-7 Nylon
Benzofuranone based anti- oxidants    
Deox SP-3000 (proprietary) proprietary ABS/SEBS/HIPS
Revonox 7000 (proprietary) proprietary PP/PE/PU
Revonox 501 (proprietary) proprietary PP, PE, PBT
Hydroxyla,mine based anti- oxidants    
Revonox 420 143925-92-2 TPO, TPE for auto parts of constructions
Revonox 310 Deox 420+ Deox 68 TPO, TPE for auto parts of constructions
Phosphorous based anti- oxidants    
Deox 68 31570-04-4 General applications
Deox 604 26741-53-7 Olefin
Deox 3030 35948-25-5 Epoxy
Deox BS-1500 96152-48-6 Plastisol
Sulfur based anti-osidants    
Deox 520 110553-27-0 Rubber,epoxy
Deox 726 110675-26-8 Rubber,epoxy
Deox 1412 29598-76-3 Engineering plastics
Deox 565 991-84-4 Rubber
ZURAN 9    
Manufactured by a proprietary process, Zuran® 9 is an intumescent flame retardant (IFR) which can be processed at a temperature up to 280 °C without noticeable volatile generation and pre-mature foaming.
In addition, Zuran® 9 possesses superb stability towards hydrolysis. On top of the anti-hydrolysis capability, Zuran® 9 also provides excellent UV stability, notable processability and minimal migration, making it an ideal choice for exterior applications.
Zuran® 9 is particularly suitable for engineering class polyolefins, exterior and migration-sensitive applications due to the aforementioned product strengths.
The recently introduced Chitex® AR-7 is able to repair the broken sulfur cross-links, therefore delivers long term heat stability in sulfur vulcanized elastomers to provide improved reversion resistance on over cure.
With the addition of Chitex® AR-7, the adhesion power, anti-aging performance and vulcanizate modulus can all be improved. Furthermore, greater productivity can be achieved as higher curing temperature is allowed, yet without sacrificing performance properties.
CHITEX AZ 320    
Chitex® AZ-320, based on cyclic acetal structure, is an effective, non-discoloring and non-staining anti-ozonant. It is a perfect solution to protect tire rubber from ozone attack yet ensures a neat appearance. The non-discoloring nature of Chitex® AZ-320 further allows it to be applied to white or light color rubber articles where diene rubber is employed.
APPLUROL 100    
Applurol® 100 is an oligomeric copolymer of allyl alcohol and styrene. With this unique structure, Applurol® 100 is able to form low-viscosity solutions in a variety of solvents including ketones, esters, alcohols, etc. Bearing 10-15 active hydroxyl groups on each molecule, Applurol® 100 is highly reactive than the normal polyol as a curing promoter. Featuring a very low viscosity, Applurol® 100 is also an ideal diluent for acrylic polyol.
UVA-Benzotriazole CAS no. Applictions
Chiguard P 2440-22-4 PVC/Unsaturated polyester
Chiguard 234 70321-86-7 Nylon, PBT
Chiguard 326 729335 HIPS/SEBS/Coatings
Chiguard 327 3864-99-1 ABS/HIPS
Chiguard 328 25973-55-1 ACO
Chiguard 5411 3147-75-9 PVC, PET
Chiguard 5431 103597-45-1 PC
Chiguard 5228 73936-91-1 ACO
Chiguard 5530 104810-48-2 104810-47-1 25322-68-3 IC, ACR
Chiguard 5571 125304-04-3 PUR
Chiguard 5582 127519-17-9 108-65-6 ACO
Chiguard 5584 127519-17-9 1330-20-7 ACO
Chiguard BP 1 131-56-6 PVC
Chiguard BP 2 131-55-5 Cosmetics, contact lens
Chiguard BP 3 131-57-7 Cosmetics, PVC
Chiguard BP 4 4065-45-6 Cosmetics
Chiguard BP 6 131-54-4 Film
Chiguard BP 8 131-53-3 Film
Chiguard BP 12 -20692 PVC
Chiguard 1064 2725-22-6 PP/PE/TPE
Chiguard 5577 147315-50-2 PE/PC
Chiguard 5405 137658-79-8 Engineering plastics
Chiguard ECO 5000 proprietary automotive clear coats, powder coatings for plastics and wood
Chiguard 5540 4221-80-1 PE/PP
Chiguard 380 18600-59-4 PET
Chiguard 1033 23949-66-8 Acrylic/PVC
Chiguard 336 6197-30-4 PVC
Chiguard 1108 67845-93-6 PP/PE
Chiguard ABZ 70356-09-1 Cosmetics (sun screen)
Others/ Formulated    
Chiguard 1099 proprietary Alkyl
Chiguard U-988 (Proprietary) NO CAS TPU
Chiguard U-800 NO CAS PU Foam
Chiguard A680 proprietary Automotive coatings TPU / PU foam
Chiguard 6447 (Proprietary) proprietary PP/PE
Chiguard 9735 (Proprietary) proprietary Epoxy flooring
Chiguard 3053 a.104810-48-2; b.104810-47-1; c.25322-68-3; d.41556-26-7; e.82919-37-7 Acrylic emulsion
Chiguard 3253 a.104810-48-2; b.104810-47-1; c.25322-68-3; d.41556-26-7; e.82919-37-7 Wood coatings
Chiguard 8431 (proprietary) proprietary Solar film
Chiguard 100 63843-89-0 Powder coatings
Chiguard 101 129757-67-1 ACO,ACR,IC
Chiguard 228 106990-43-6 Non-migrating film application
Chiguard 353 41556-26-7 & 82919-37-7 ACO, ACR, IC, PU, PET
Chiguard 622 LD 65447-77-0 Olefin
Chiguard 770 52829-07-9 Engineering plastics
Chiguard 944 70624-18-9 Olefin
Chiguard 405 124172-53-8 Olefin
Chiguard 088 136504-96-6 PP/PE
Chiguard 106 82451-48-7 PP/PE/PET/PBT/Polyamide
Chiguard 388 167078-06-0 Wood treament/PP
Chiguard 1152 191743-75-6 Polyester coating/ Acrylic-urethane coating
Optical Brightner    
Chitex OB 7128-64-5 General applications
Note: ACO: Automobile coatings, OEM; ACR: automobile coatings refinish; IC: Industrial Coatings;
Chivacure 173 7473-98-5 UV wood coating
Chivacure 184 947-19-3 Non-yellowing clear coating for graphic art
Chivacure 107 71868-10-5 UN ink and solder masks
Chivacure 1256 84434-11-7 Degital
Chivacure TPO 75980-60-8 white UV ink
Chivacure BDK 24650-42-8 Improved surface curing
Chivacure 200 15206-55-0 PI for low odor and thick coatings
Chivacure 169 119313-12-1 PI for black UV ink and photoresists
R-gen 998 (proprietary) 477934-72-8 PI for black UV ink
R-gen 259 106797-53-9 PI for UV power coating
Chivacure 534 125051-32-3 PI for pigmented photo-imaging systems such as solder mask
Chivacure 70 EC: 445-510-8 + 30% Monomer Non-yellowing and ultra-thin clear coatings; low migration, odorless
Chivacure 75 EC: 445-510-8 + 25% TPGDA Non-yellowing and ultra-thin clear coatings; low migration, odorless
Chivacure 100 EC: 445-510-8 +30% Chivacure 173 Non-yellowing and ultra-thin clear coatings
Chivacure 150 EC: 445-510-8 Non-yellowing and ultra-thin clear coatings, low migration, odorless
Chivacure 300 (proprietary) EC: 700-676-3 Non-yellowing and ultra-thin clear coatings, low migration, odorless
R-gen 7W (proprietary) 1221233-50-6 PI for water-borne UV inks and photoresists
R-gen 2010 (proprietary) 1221495-79-9 PI for food contact UV inks
Celloxide 2021P 2386-87-0 Cycloaliphatic Epoxide for Cationic UV coatings (Oligomer)
Chivacure BP 119-61-9 PS for clear coatings
Chivacure OMB 606-28-0 PS for odorless and non-yellowing clear coatings
Chivacure 2-ITX 5495-84-1 PS for UV inks, solder masks, and photoresists
Chivacure EMK 90-93-7 PS for dark-colored UV inks
Chivacure BMS 83846-85-9 PS for clear and odorless coatings
R-gen P-2000 (proprietary) proprietary PS for food contact UV inks
Chivacure DETX 82799-44-8 PS for Japan market
Chivacure 1500 75980-60-8 and 7473-98-5 White or thick cotings and non-yellowing clear coatings
Chivacure 1600 947-19-3 and 119-61-9 Water-borne system
Chivacure 115 proprietary Wood coatings, clear coatings
Chivacure EPD 10287-53-3 Pigmented systems
Chivacure OPD 21245-02-3 Pigmented systems
Chivacure 1190 74227-35-3/68156-13-8/108-32-7 Stereo lithography
Chivacure 1176 89452-37-9/71449-78-0/108-32-7 Cationic cotings
R-gen BF-1172 (proprietary) proprietary Benzene-free cationic clear coatings
R-gen 261 32760-80-8 Visible light cationic inks
R-gen 262 100011-37-8 etch resist PCB, solder masks and laser direct imaging. Also suitable for water-soluble photopolymers
Functional additives    
Chitex OB 7128-64-5 Optical brightener