Product: CAPA

Description: Caprolactone for high performance polyurethanes, elastomers and adhesives improves resistance to chemicals, physical strength, adhesion and flexibility of the product
Detail: Polyols suitable in both solvent and water systems for use in partial substitution of the resin used.

Product: BOLTORN

Description: liquid polymer liquid used as additives in partial substitution of conventional cross-linking agents or polyols in order to increase product performance (resistance to abrasion, chemical and physical agents…).

Detail: In construction products it allows the incorporation of water up to 15% substituting the solvent (VOC)

Product: Ymer

Description: polymer used as a non-ionic stabiliser in water-based resins (polyurethane, alkyd and polyester dispersions.

Detail: It increases stability at low temperatures and tolerance to electrolytes with low pH values

Product: CHARMOR

Description: polyols used in intumescent paints for fire protection